5 Best CBD Oil For Migraines & Headaches 2022: How Does It Help?

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Spruce CBD

  • You get highly potent products
  • The products are full-spectrum 
  • All the CBD oils are 100% natural

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Royal CBD Oil

Royal CBD

  • Get free shipping on all orders
  • The products are made using natural ingredients
  • All the CBD oils are tested for purity

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals

  • All the products are lab-verified
  • The brand uses organic hemp 
  • It offers full-spectrum CBD

Severe migraines will often make it hard for you to lead your life normally. You may sometimes not work as expected since you keep experiencing migraine attacks. Using over-the-counter medications can sometimes not give you the best outcome, especially for those who have frequent migraines. 

So, what is the alternative? Well, you might as well as try CBD oil tinctures. Since CBD has already proven to be good at offering health benefits, you may want to consider it for migraines. If this sounds right, then you need the best CBD oil for migraines. We look at the popular brands in the market to identify great products for you. 

Best CBD Oils For Migraines & Headaches In (November. 2022)

CBD For Migraines

It is okay if you have your reservations about the use of CBD for migraine attacks. However, once you understand how CBD may help, you might be more willing to give it a try. 

CBD is widely known for its pain-relieving properties[1]. That is why you may get it being used for migraine symptoms and chronic pain relief. Right now, there is enough research showing how CBD may help in the treatment of pain, easing of nausea, reduction of inflammation, and much more. This is mostly based on how CBD affects the endocannabinoid system[2] by helping it achieve better balance. 
In 2017, a study was published[3] showing how CBD may be used to treat migraines and other related headache disorders. However, we still feel there is a need for more research on how CBD can be good for migraine relief.

The Line Up At A Glance

Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

Editor’s choice

Spruce CBD

  • You get highly potent products
  • The products are full-spectrum 
  • All the CBD oils are 100% natural

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Royal CBD Oil

Best for Free Shipping

Royal CBD

  • Get free shipping on all orders
  • The products are made using natural ingredients
  • All the CBD oils are tested for purity

Nuleaf Naturals

Best for Variety

Nuleaf Naturals

  • All the products are lab-verified
  • The brand uses organic hemp 
  • It offers full-spectrum CBD

cbdfx tincture

Best for Potency Options


  • All the products are cruelty-free
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The products are solvent-free

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Best for Non-GMO products


  • Uses USA-grown hemp
  • Its products are tested in third-party labs 
  • The brand is Hemp Authority-certified

Benefits Of CBD Oil for Migraines/Headaches

CBD may help with inhibiting the excessive release of serotonin[4] in the body. Having high levels of serotonin may at times lead to migraine. The same effect is also why CBD may be considered for treating vomiting and nausea. These are still migraine headache symptoms. 

Brain inflammation will always lead to headaches and migraines. The Sumerians would wrap wet marijuana leaves around the neck and head to help relieve such headaches. This is all possible due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD[5]. So, the same would happen if you use CBD for migraines. 

Not always, but those with migraine headaches may also have to deal with chronic pain. The National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health[6] claim there is some evidence of how CBD oil may help with chronic pain and headaches. 

A 2020 review[7] showed that migraines could lead to issues such as lack of proper sleep and at times, inflammation. However, CBD has been proven to help with improving your sleep and also offer anti-inflammation properties. So, even those with migraines find it easier to sleep too. 

As much as CBD oil may help treat migraine, you still need to identify what is triggering the migraines. It is only when you understand this that you can know how best to take care of yourself. Here are some ideas;

  • Consider using various stress management techniques
  • Avoid being in bright light all the time 
  • Avoid using caffeine or any other dietary triggers that can lead to migraines 
  • Find better ways to enjoy high-quality sleep to reduce migraine frequency 

Top 5 CBD Oil for Migraines & Headaches

Spruce CBD


Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

Being tested in independent labs helps a buyer have confidence that it would be a quality product to get. You should have no problem viewing the lab report on the website too.

  • The products are highly potent 
  • Made of a full-spectrum extract 
  • There is zero high from the products
  • Could use more product variety

Migraine headaches are no fun, and they can take a toll on someone. That is why Spruce CBD makes options for CBD oil potency to choose from. There are two potency categories from the brand. They include moderate and maximum potency. So, if you ever want to use the full-spectrum CBD oil for joint and muscle pain also, go for the maximum potency. 

Since it is full-spectrum, we expect it to have natural cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and flavonoids. That is how you end up with the best CBD effects generally while using this pure CBD oil. The unique terpene profile generally makes the oil effective at relieving your migraines. 

You can always rely on the brand since it takes its product through third-party lab testing. This is to ensure there is transparency on the quality of products being sold. Since the products are made in the USA, you would be sure that the brand followed the strict manufacturing processes. 

Royal CBD

Royal CBD Oil

The strong potency and natural ingredients make the product a popular choice. You also get free shipping on all orders.

  • Made with natural ingredients 
  • Good customer support 
  • It has great potency for migraine
  • Very expensive product

Even though you get a single choice for CBD oil potency from the brand, it will still be good enough for migraine sufferers. The strong potency of the Royal CBD oil will help in calming the migraine symptoms. Most people feel better within 30 minutes to 1 hour of using this type of CBD oil. 

It is a full-spectrum CBD oil, making it favorable among those who enjoy CBD. They would know that such an extract should give them the maximum benefits of CBD. Still, the products are made using natural ingredients only. Since they are gluten-free, you are more assured of safety. 

The CBD products, including the CBD oil from the brand, are pricey. Nevertheless, you will get value for money when using such a type of product. This is because you get faster relief from migraines. There is also free shipping on the products, making the brand desirable too. 

NuLeaf Naturals

Using an extraction method such as CO2 leaves you with cleaner CBD oil full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients.

  • Multiple potency options are available 
  • Affordable CBD products 
  • Can relieve symptoms faster
  • Shipping sometimes takes long 

Unlike the brand mentioned above, here you can get variety. There is even Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil meant for pets. Today, we focus more on the best full-spectrum CBD oil products you can use to treat migraines. The good news about the brand is that you have several options available with varying potency. Simply choose the one you need based on other conditions you may have. 

Other than the choice of product, you can also choose various potencies. You would get high potency options available to help manage chronic migraine and also chronic pain. Considering it is made from organic hemp oil, you are at least confident in the product’s safety. It should give you the best CBD effects faster since it also has hemp seed oil to help with its bioavailability. 

The use of the CO2 extraction method is also a top reason for picking the product. The Colorado-grown organic hemp is processed with this method to give you clean CBD oil that does not have solvents. This method is generally better than other extraction methods you would get with other brands. 


cbdfx tincture

25% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

When other CBD brands are using a lot of filler ingredients, here you get a product made using high-quality extracts. You will find a wide range of potency options to consider.

  • Often has discounts on products 
  • Offers a high-quality broad-spectrum blend 
  • It is vegan and gluten-free
  • Sometimes the customer support is slow to respond

This is another CBD brand with an excellent variety that anyone who wants to manage migraine pain would consider. It is not just for severe migraine but also chronic pain and other headache disorders. Each product page will have a listing of the potency options. Simply choose the one you feel like can help in managing your condition better. 

It is worth noting you may spend more on CBD oil, but it will be worth the purchase. The CBD products are mostly broad-spectrum. You will find that broad-spectrum CBD oil lacks the THC component. Anyone uncomfortable with full-spectrum THC and wants more CBD concentration, this will be the right choice for them. 

You could use CBD oil for insomnia[8] too, and other health benefits. This is because some models come with melatonin as part of the ingredient. So, it would soothe the migraines and also help you sleep better to have a restful night. 



Being U.S Hemp Authority certified makes someone consider buying CBD oil from the brand with ease. There are also lab results on the website for more confirmation. 

  • The products are high quality
  • It uses non-GMO hemp sources
  • Its suppliers use natural farming practices
  • Too many products might confuse the buyer

This is the only brand on the list you can get full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate CBD oils. It can be quite amazing that the CBD products from this brand will meet the needs of various people who want to deal with migraines. Also, each product page has a lab results link so that you know more about the product before buying. Not all CBD companies can offer that. 

Being hemp authority verified can also make the brand be the popular choice for migraine attacks. All you have to do is use the product as recommended. The brand has a quick guide on the dosage on its website. This would help you in ensuring you only use it correctly for migraines or any other condition. 

The CBD oil is made using organic hemp only. That is why you even get the brand Hemp Authority certified. Its suppliers use natural farming methods, ensuring you end up with a safe product generally. So, you can always be sure of quality CBD oils for possible migraine prevention from the brand.

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil For Migraines?

You are likely to come across different types of CBD oils in the market. It is possible to confuse these products at times. There is a need to find out what makes them the best oil for migraines. Below are ideas to keep in mind. 

Look at The Potency Levels

This is the concentration of CBD in CBD oil. You need a product with good potency to help in dealing with the headaches associated with migraines. It does not have to be the strongest, but good enough to help you feel relieved in a short period. 

Types of CBD Oil

You will come across three main types of CBD oil, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. They differ mostly based on the content of CBD and THC. The full-spectrum type has CBD, THC, and all the other cannabinoids. As for the broad-spectrum, the THC compound is removed. CBD isolate, on the other hand, only has CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes. 

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing is also important to consider. This means that the products have been taken through proper testing to check if the products are safe or not by an independent testing facility. Most tests involve checking for heavy metals and if the concentration is what the manufacturer claims. 

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is also crucial. You may want more information about the product you are buying. It is good to know if the customer support team can get you more information before deciding. 

CBD Source

Are the CBD oil products marijuana-derived or hemp-derived CBD products? This is vital to know since the content of THC will vary a lot. If you want minimal THC content, go for hemp-derived CBD products. 

CBD Dosage

Taking CBD oil for migraines also needs a proper dosage for it to be effective. In case you overuse CBD, sometimes you may end up facing side effects. 

There is no specific dose for the best CBD oils. However, most brands making CBD oils will have dosage guidelines for you to follow. Some even have a CBD dosage calculator. You can get the best dosage based on your weight, CBD oil potency, and other features from the calculator. 

We recommend that you start with low doses and only increase once you build tolerance. 

Potential Side Effects

CBD oil may have all those multiple benefits, but if you do not take it as recommended, even high-quality CBD products may have side effects. The most common potential side effects are;

  • Tiredness 
  • Reduced appetite 
  • Nausea etc. 

Most people find the side effects tolerable. Nevertheless, do not end up using CBD in large doses as that is what may lead to such effects. 

Final Thought

CBD oil may have a lot of benefits and one of them is helping you deal with migraines. We know there is the need for more research done specifically on how CBD helps with migraines. We have identified some top CBD products above that can help you in dealing with migraines and other related conditions. 

Before you can switch from other medications, talk to your doctor first. We only give you the best CBD oil for migraines for sale list, but the doctor can help you use CBD correctly. With the right dosage, you should experience improved life generally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use CBD oil for treating migraines?

You can only use it for migraines after consulting your doctor. This is because there is still limited information on how good CBD is for the treatment of migraine.

How best can you use CBD oil for migraines?

You are advised to follow a specific dosage by the manufacturer. All you have to do is administer sublingual drops under your tongue and swallow. Give it about 30 minutes to experience the effects.

Are lab reports necessary for CBD products?

Yes. You need the lab reports to learn more about the contents of CBD oil. The report will help you identify if the product is safe or not.

How much are CBD oils for migraines?

The price will vary from one brand to another. With good research, you can find a product within the affordable range and still does a good job of keeping you free from migraines.

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