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Win Young Adults and Nurture Lifelong Loyalty with Personalized Offers

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Protect Personalized Offers for Young Adults and Win Their Business

Gen Z is a large and lucrative audience, and they love brands that recognize their unique life stage.

Gated, personalized offers help you stand out in their minds. More than 7 in 10 Gen Zers said gated offers are more compelling than universal discounts.

Verify 645M

young adults across 23 countries


In Gen Z global spending power


of Gen Z is more likely to shop with a brand that offers an exclusive discount.

How SheerID Helps You Acquire Young Adults

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Create Deeper Brand Relationships and Loyalty

Honoring nurses creates an emotional connection that captures their attention and endears them to your brand. When nurses receive a personalized offer:

Giving young adults a personalized offer based on their identity as Gen Zers can turn them into lifelong customers. Sixty percent of young adults say they’ve held relationships with specific brands for 10 or more years.

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Protect Your Offer from Discount Abuse

SheerID uses more than 9,000 authoritative sources to digitally verify the age of every young adult who redeems your offer, which protects your margins and increases your returns.

It also shows young adults your offer is truly exclusive, which makes it more appealing and motivates them to promote it.

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Activate Word of Mouth and Reduce CAC

Gen Zers are heavy social media users and happily spread the word about brands they love. When you give them a personalized offer it can easily go viral, which amplifies your campaigns and lowers your acquisition costs.

You can also use personalized offers to create “Black Friday-like” spikes throughout the year by running campaigns during events that are important to young adults, such as back to school and spring break.

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Deliver Results Quickly

With SheerID, you can launch a program for young adults in less than a week. And SheerID’s Dashboard lets you track your returns and optimize your program for maximum success.

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Streamline Conversions and Respect Data Privacy

Digital verification is an opt-in process that requires only basic information, such as email address and date of birth.

Customers are verified on your website when they check out, which reduces friction and enhances their experience of your brand.

Recognize Young Adults During Important Times of the Year

Mark your Calendar! Holidays and key season trends are a great way to create peak promotion opportunities throughout the year that are unique to each group


How Top Brands are Using SheerID


Deezer Explodes with Growth

Deezer wanted to win student subscribers so it offered them an exclusive 50% discount and protected the offer with SheerID.

The move drove 21% growth in student subscriptions across 33 markets and gave Deezer zero-party data it could use to nurture the students to pay full price when they graduated.

“SheerID enabled us to launch a student offer that allowed the high level of personalization that’s critical to our brand.”
Yoav Banai
Vice President of Customer Engagement
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Michaels Boosts Its Loyalty Program

Integrating your personalized offer with your loyalty program encourages long-term brand engagement by enabling young adults to automatically apply your discount to all in-store and online purchases.

When Michaels tied their personalized offers into Michaels Rewards, the company verified 200,000 seniors, teachers, and military members.

“SheerID not only prevents discount abuse, it helps both our company and customers get the most out of Michaels Rewards.”
Steve Woodward
Senior Director - Digital Experience

Headspace Leverages Cause Marketing

Headspace knows how hard the pandemic is hitting students, teachers, and healthcare workers, so it gave these consumer tribes steep discounts on its meditation app. The program brought Headspace 25,000 new subscribers.

These kinds of cause marketing efforts win Gen Z’s business. Seventy-two percent of Gen Z are more likely to buy from a company that contributes to social causes.

“Giving teachers our app for free allows us to thank them for their service and nurture an authentic brand relationship built on trust.”
Lino Reveles Trujillo
Social Impact Lead

CheapCaribbean Reduces Fraud

Protecting your offer with SheerID prevents discount abuse and attracts more customers.

When CheapCaribbean used SheerID to implement its exclusive offer to nurses, the company brought in 8,000 customers while reducing discount abuse by 36%.

“SheerID greatly simplified our verification process and ensured only nurses could redeem the offer, which increased its value in their eyes.”
Jordan Clegg
Brand Manager, Integrated Marketing

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