About Us

Q: What does SheerID do?

A: We help you take advantage of special deals that our customers (e.g., retailers and subscription service providers) make available to special groups of shoppers. We make the process easier for everyone. For our customers, we make it easier to create special deals available to existing and prospective shoppers like you. For you, the shopper, we ask only for the minimum amount of information that’s required to verify whether you qualify for a deal. For everyone, we ensure that all information is captured and processed in a way that ensures the highest level of security and privacy.

Q: How does the verification process work?

A: Our customers (the brands who offer the discounts) determine who is eligible for their promotions. Then, we create a form where you can enter just the information required to confirm you are qualified. Once you submit your information, it is compared against select authoritative data sources without making the data visible to anyone. We instantly confirm whether or not there is a match, and we return a “yes,” which triggers reward delivery, or a “no,” which means you’re not eligible or you need to provide more information.

Q: Why should I be glad that SheerID is involved?

A: According to a recent survey, 9 out of 10 Americans are concerned or confused with some part of the verification process for an exclusive offer or deal. One major obstacle is asking shoppers to provide too much data or data that’s too personal. So, we make sure that you only need to enter what is required for verification.

Also, by helping our customers minimize the fraudulent use or abuse of their offers, they are often more likely to create more deals available to you. We help ensure that you have more control over how you share your personal information. With opt-in, or “consent-based,” models like exclusive offers, you have the opportunity to decide when and what information you want to share in exchange for access to products, services, information—and deals.

Q: Is my personal information secure?

A: Yes. Here at SheerID, we think about security and privacy 24/7/365, and we ensure that your information is never at risk of unauthorized discovery. As soon as you enter your information, we encrypt it before it is transmitted for verification. We make sure that our data partners purge your data as soon as the verification is complete and the response is sent back. If the deals require that our partners have access to your information, we make sure that it stays encrypted while it is stored in our database. All of our systems are hosted within Amazon’s highly secured data centers and cloud services platforms. On an annual basis, we have independent security audit professionals confirm that everything we claim about the security, privacy, and confidentiality of our systems and your data is true and accurate.

Q: What exactly is GDPR and is SheerID compliant?

A: The European Union (EU) created the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to make sure that the personal data of EU citizens is protected. It requires companies to strengthen the data privacy and security of every individual within the EU. These rules are strict and increase the rights of you as a “data subject.” We agree wholeheartedly that you should feel secure that your information is safe and private, even if you are not a European Union citizen. Therefore, we have focused on making sure we comply with GDPR, including rules that give you the right to revoke consent, opt-out, and exercise your right to be forgotten.

GDPR focuses on making sure that you know what is being done with your information, why your information is being collected, how your information is being handled and processed, and who has access to your information. Your consent must be given in such a way that you clearly understand the answers to these questions. Our Privacy Policy, along with the information shared here, has been prepared to assist you in understanding the who, what, why, and how.

Q: How does SheerID use my information?

A: You will notice that wherever you enter your personal information for verification for a deal, we provide links to the privacy policies that govern the collection of your personal information. We also make sure that you understand that you are consenting to the use of your information to verify your eligibility for the deal you seek.

We will use the information you submit to us to verify your eligibility for our customers’ deals and to improve or develop our services. We may also use and share your information in an aggregate and anonymized statistical form for our customers to see summary activity related to their deals. When shared in this fashion, your information can no longer be used to identify you.

If you seek to accept a deal from one of our customers, we will share your information with them; however, we will not share it with any other third parties unless mandated by law. Your information may be used by our customers to provide you with products or services or to inform you of additional products or services. SheerID will not use it for purposes other than for our verification services and to help you take advantage of the deals that our customers make available to you.